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Torrent Extreme Search is a completely FREE acceleration plugin to a popular file sharing BitTorrent network. Torrent Extreme Search has the main purpose to solve one of the worst problem in file sharing ? slow file searches over the P2P network by making precise searches for additional download sources and optimizing internet bandwidth usage.
This plugin is integrated to BitTorrent core platform and provides additional set of useful features:
1. intelligent scheduling of disconnection from Internet or PC shutdown after all downloads were successfully completed;
2. Download speed acceleration
3. CRC verification and automatic removal of corrupted files;
4. resuming of interrupted downloads.
Torrent Extreme Search is a small application with easy installation, configuration, low requirements of PC system resources and very simple user interface. Torrent Extreme Search is distributed as a Freeware, so you can afford to add it to your file sharing software library and enjoy it!
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